A downloadable game for Windows

The game about slime, machines and adaptivity. More mass - less speed.

What's in package

Slime, bugs, moderate amount of juice, "hand-made" graphics, bugs, machines with spinning saw-blades, slime, audio sliders, misspelled .exe name, bugs, nostalgic feel about your first game, explosions and some bugs.

And what's not

2 additional types of enemies, title menu art, pause/game-over screen art,  hidden pixelated portrait of Johnny Cage, high-score indicator, pink colour.
But that might change in the future


Kill enemies to advance to next wave and gain useless points. Take damage to shrink and increase your speed. Try to beat as many waves as possible before time runs up


WASD + Mouse - controls.
Esc - menu.
Alt+F4 - exit.

Made in 48 hours for #gmtkjam


Tox Inc.exe 2 MB

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